A la carte treatments

Face treatments

Basic care

60 minutes

Balancing skin care products that respond to every skin problem:

Source Marine to moisturize and strengthen, Pureté Marine to purify and normalize.

Cold Cream to nourish and repair, Homme Océan to energize and tone.

Expert anti-ageing care

60 minutes

New detoxifying treatment with energizing spirulina boosted with marine magnesium to fight against the first signs of aging linked to urban life.

60 minutes

The strength of 3 hyaluronic acids and marine procollagen combined in this treatment to instantly plump up the skin and visibly smooth out the wrinkles that have already set in.

70 min

A rejuvenated face, wrinkles filled in and skin as if lifted.

90 min

The anti-aging treatment for demanding skin that combines effectiveness and sensoriality with its energy lift massage and its excellent mask that reshape the oval of the face, reshape the features and correct wrinkles.

90 min

This very complete treatment for a global youthfulness, includes a welcome modelling, the salt crystal scrub, regenerating pressure with regenerating sprays, followed by a mask and a life massage inspired by Kobido.

I-Beauty care

45 minutes

This treatment is ideal for all dull and tired skin types and provides optimal and natural hydration.

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